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Flute / Piccolo, Ethnic Flutes, Oboe / English Horn, Duduk (Caucasus) , Clarinets in Bb x 2, Bassoon, Didgeridoo ( Australia)


3 horns in F, 2 trumpets in Bb, bass trombone, Alphorn (Germany)

Percussion instruments:

Classical Percussion, Latin Percussion, Oriental Percussion, Cajon (Peru)

String instruments:

Harp, Baglama / Saz (Turkey) , Oud (Arabic) , guitar, Pipa (China), Kora (Senegal) , chopping board (Germany), piano

String instruments:

I. violins x 5, II violins x 4, violas x 3, cellos x3, double bass / electric bass x 2, Erhu (China)


German, Spanish, Russian, Wolof , American, Turkish, Arabic, Aramaic, Achinean,

Bahasa Indonesia, Tibetan,


Supported by the City of Stuttgart

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