„3 Orchestras on 3 Continents“



After 10 years of our orchestra in the city of Stuttgart and southern Germany

Our cross-cultural concept and vision has caught on and started to inspire musicians and conductors on other continents:


Kiera Zen, who met Adrian Werum on a trip through Europe in 2017,

Has initiated the first orchestra of Timor-Leste, the youngest cThe exountry in Asia which won

Independence from Indonesia in 1997.

Supporting the young nation’s search for its own identity, this new orchestra combines European symphonic instruments with instruments from Pop- and Jazz

With the traditional instruments of this proud island nation.

Beyond an artistic exchange of musicians and repertoire we plan to support this new orchestra with money and instruments.

For 2021 we’re planning a European tour for these gifted young musicians.



Ahmed Mounib, who also plays the Arabian Rabab and the violin as concertmaster in our German orchestra,

Returned this year to Kairo / Egypt to put together the egyptian „Orchester der Kulturen“.

As the second professional orchestra next to our European orchestra it will be based on European and arabic instruments 

And provide for an inspirational artistic exchange.



The expansion of our cross-cultural concept throughout the world is the fruit of 10

Years of our work in Germany:

The vision of a new encounter of the many cultures on our planet based on respect and equality

For one another.

Supported by the City of Stuttgart

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