The only orchestra worldwide with instruments and singers from all over the world.


Founded in Stuttgart in 2010, we play all over Europe today.


Awards: Manfred Rommel Prize 2013


2016 number 1 on the German classic charts with "Schön ist die Welt"

2018 place 4 of the German classic charts with "A star goes up"

4th place in the European Ethnocharts with "Sixt Symphony"


Appearances on radio and television (HR and SWR)


Concerts in Liederhalle Stuttgart - Theaterhaus Stuttgart - Kongress Palais Kassel - Festspielhaus Baden-Baden


Concert hall of the UdK Berlin - Davos Congress Center - Munich Congress Center - Stuttgart Trade Fair


Stuttgart Music Festival - Sindelfingen Town Hall - Marienkirche Berlin Stadtgarten Pforzheim


Konzerthaus Karlsruhe - Konstantin Basilika Trier - Theater Chur

Instruments from all inhabited ends of every inhabited continent come together to shimmer with the instruments of the symphony orchestra in new timbres. The result is a wonderful range of colors, ranging from alphorn and zither to didgeridoo, kora and oud.


In the world of the “Orchestra of Cultures”, the zither accompanies a Turkish baglama. A didgeridoo can be played with the same virtuosity as a violin or bansur.


The"Ode to Joy" turns into  a percussion festival that invites you to dance.


The “Orchestra of Cultures” lives a sincere respect for cultures with and for each other.


Not only do you share the songs and works of cultures, but by combining the respective instruments, a lively cultural exchange is created in each work listed:


What Leonard Bernstein describes in his music of the future as eclecticism at the highest level.


The virtuosity of the musicians and the unique sound of the “Orchestra of Cultures” show the audience what is possible when the cultures of the world meet at eye level.


The extraordinary listening experience of the “Orchestra of Cultures” is visually complemented by the clothing of the musicians, which indicates the cultural origin of the musician and / or his personality.


The orchestra is a unique symphony of colorful costumes and exotic sounds that unites a wide variety of traditions.


The whole concert can be tailored to your needs, from the choice of repertoire to moderation and even to the combination of instruments.


The aim of the “Orchestra of Cultures” is to bring people together with their individual backgrounds and to create a unique live experience that combines tradition and innovation in a new way.



Supported by the City of Stuttgart

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