Stuttgarter Nachrichten: 

Instruments from every inhabited continent are brought forth to harmonize with the traditional classical orchestra, creating a fabric of equality among national sounds. Instruments from Alpine horn to Zither are allowed to shine, with didgeridoo, kora and oud in between. 


Stuttgarter Wochenblatt: 

The Most Multifaceted Orchestra Far and Wide: an evening of novel impressions and sensations

The evening went from one musical triumph to the next, each piece more inspiring than the last.

Instruments that are never heard in traditional concert halls are combined to
elicit completely new sounds, turning beloved favorites into something completely innovative, tapping inspiration from all the inhabited continents on earth.

Every single musician is a master of his instrument. 


Linden Museum: 

Highlight for many: the performance of the Orchestra of Cultures in the most diverse constellations. 

It was a real pleasure for the 600 listeners to listen to the Orchestra of Cultures and the soloists, who played in a very dynamic and multifaceted way. 


Stuttgarter Zeitung: 

Musicians from Around the Globe broaden Horizons in the Kulturhaus Arena.

This orchestra is absolutely unique!

Werum playfully combines classical and exotic instruments to create a completely new sound.

The mixture of the different sounds makes the orchestra unique. 

It was a fantastic experience.


Franca Barthel


Tel:+49 176 61315257

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